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Steel Stockholding

Needing a reliable steel beam stockholder? Look no further.

No matter the project, we can provide high quality steel beams with on-time deliveries you can rely upon. Below are a list of all the steel beams we stock.
Steel Stockholding - Delivery - Structural Steel

What steel beams do we have to offer?

Supplying steel beams is our “bread and butter” and we take great pride in that fact. We’ve been supplying steel beams to London and it’s surrounding Boroughs for years and; can provide you exactly the steel beams and plates you need, exactly when you need them.
As you can see below we stock an extensive range of steel beams, all located right in the centre of London.
Universal Steel Beam - Diagram - Steel Stockholding
Fast Deliveries.
No matter your requirements, we can provide you with a universal steel beam that's up to the task.
Rolled Steel Joist (RSJ) - Diagram - Steel Stockholding
Fast Deliveries.
You can depend on us to provide you with quality RSJ that are suited to your needs.
Universal Steel Column - Diagram - Steel Stockholding
Fast Deliveries.
We supply universal steel columns in a wide range of sizes to fit any project's or client's needs.
Parallel Steel Flange Channel - Diagram - Steel Stockholding
Fast Deliveries.
For consistent parallel flange steel channels at the highest quality and stability, then look no further.
Tapered Steel Flange Channel - Diagram - Steel Stockholding
Fast Deliveries.
Our Tapered Flange Channels (RSC) can accommodate any task you undertake.
  • Steel Angle - Equal Steel Angle - Steel Stockholding
  • Steel Angle - Un-Equal Steel Angle - Steel Stockholding
Fast Deliveries.
We stock high quality equal or unequal steel angles to suit any project or client specification.
Mild Steel Flat - Steel Stockholding
Fast Deliveries.
Need of some mild steel flat bar? You’ve found the right place. We stock a large variety of bar sizes.
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